Troy Marks

Troy Marks is the founder and lead singer of Troy Marks and No Idea. He combines an extremely wide  vocal range with a magnetic stage presence to be the cornerstone of the group. His relaxed bonding with the audience is immediately apparent in any atmosphere.

Troy Marks was born in New Orleans, La. on June 19. Residing in Eastern New  Orleans, Troy grew up playing sports and eventually attended Holy Cross High  School on an athletic scholarship. After dislocating his shoulder his freshman year, he underwent surgery and attempted to rehab the shoulder in order to  continue his athletic career. However, around the time of his 12th birthday, his godfather presented him a Led Zeppelin album as a present. His life would never  be the same. He loved the magic, the feeling, the passion, the power that jumped  out of the speakers and grabbed his soul. He now had a calling that a dislocated shoulder couldn’t stop. He soon became a student of rock n’ roll and studied and  dissected any music he could get his hands on. His dream was to become the lead singer in a band and he sang endlessly around his parents house often times to the chagrin of his father.

After singing in a couple of garage bands, and lettering in the Holy Cross Choir, Troy graduated from Holy Cross and enrolled at the University of New  Orleans. He attended college for two years, but dreamed every day of playing  music. School music or jazz didn’t interest him, he always remembered the feeling from that first Led Zeppelin record. It was with this in mind, that one  day he informed his parents, that he was dropping out of college to pursue  music. To his astonishment they were supportive of his decision, and he has  never looked back. Troy joined a hard rock band called Dark August and set out  on the road to hone his craft. Being away from home for the first time, and travelling with 6 other guys in a small van across country educated Troy to the  world of rock’n roll. It was in Dark August that Troy met guitar player Glenn  Farley, which would be the start of a lifelong friendship. The band opened shows for Zebra, Lillian Axe, Robin Trower and many others playing six nights a week all over the country. In 1986, Troy received an offer to join the band Razor White, when their singer, Phil Anselmo left to join Pantera. He hated leaving  his friend and band mate, Glenn Farley, but it was a great opportunity to join a  bigger, more respected band. Razor White was a highly acclaimed band with good songs and a great live show. It was the 80’s and leather and hair ruled the day. Travelling all over the country, the band built a great following, and soon found itself in New York with their friends in Zebra. It was in 1990 that Razor  White released it’s first c.d. ” Just What the Doctor Ordered. ” At the peak of its success, Razor White broke up in 1991. Devastated, Troy moved to Michigan to  play in a band called Kody Lee that offered him good money. He also wanted to  get out of New Orleans for a while to ponder his next move. With his father’s health failing, Troy returned to New Orleans in 1992 with the intention of getting a real job. He enrolled in nursing school and promptly became the vice president of the class and maintained a 4.0 average. Everything appeared fine on  the surface, but inside he was tormented-Troy knew that he had a calling, a need  to sing and entertain that wouldn’t let go.

Troy’s longtime girlfriend, Suzan, who had endured years of separations and  peaks and valleys with Troy’s career suggested ‘Why don’t you join a band or something ?” In 1993, at Suzi’s urging, Troy joined the local band Blind  Ambition to make some money and get his feet back in the fire. Playing dance music was a new experience as Troy had come from the rock world. Surveying, the local dance scene in New Orleans, Troy saw enormous potential to make money with the right band. If he could put together a band of young, energetic musicians  who could play any style he knew the time was right for a new band. With the help of Blind Ambition band mate, Chaz Robert, Troy set about the task of  forming this new band with a clear vision in mind. His first call was to his old friend and guitar player, Glenn Farley. Glenn wasn’t easily convinced but Troy’s  enthusiasm won the day and he joined the band. Troy then called another long  time friend, drummer, Jimmy Frazier who he had known since the Razor White days. Jimmy accepted the offer and Troy Marks and No Idea was born in July of 1994. Troy married long time girlfriend Suzan on August 14 1998 and they bought their dream home in  Chateau Estates in Kenner, La one year later. Troy and Suzan had their first child, Tyler Charles Marks in 2001. Tyler was born at Ochner Hospital on May 28, 2001 and weighed 8lbs. 10oz. He was said to have outscreamed every child in the nursery. Like father, like son. Troy’ hobbies include New Orleans  Saints football, home decorating, and trading stocks. He is extremely proud to see Troy Marks and No Idea grow from his vision, to a band, to a full fledged business with health insurance. Troy has surrounded himself with people he loves and respects  and has never been happier. To play music for a living, is a blessing from God.